In Kildedal, sustainability is a way of life that starts with your home. Waste sorting is an easy and integral part of everyday life, and sharing rooms and resources across residents make it easy to share and recycle. Bio-waste is handled locally and used in local green farming communities.

Collaborative economic platforms and the dual use of shared facilities are also part of the ambition to manage resources responsibly.


In Kildedal, the focus is on communities between residents, whether you are a child, a young person or an adult. Nature, health, technology and sustainability are the focal points of some of the activities and communities that can be seen to arise between the residents of Kildedal. Workshops for tech and repair, gyms, communal cooking and green cultivation are examples that will eventually help bring the city’s communities to life.

A sound and healthy everyday life

A sound everyday life begins in a well-functioning home with a number of amenities within close reach. A vibrant city life with a local baker, cafés and good take away helps to create comfort and quality in everyday life. The close access to infrastructure – whether you are on a train, car or by bicycle – facilitates everyday logistics. Finally, the surrounding nature offers good opportunities to relax during the course of everyday life with walks, jogs or cycling in beautiful surroundings.