Synergies and innovation

The innovation in Kildedal is based on sharing of knowledge, networking and collaboration across the board. We want to optimise the conditions for meetings and synergies across the city’s businesses. These are initiatives we regard as prerequisites for creating innovation at the highest level, seen from an international perspective.

Among other things, we will develop a multi-user house early on, where innovation and communities go hand in hand with research and development. We see a great need in Greater Copenhagen to create laboratory facilities in a temporary setting. These must be complemented by networking activities and other initiatives that make it attractive to stay in Kildedal – even before the area is fully developed. In this way, we believe that we are getting off to a good start.

Eco-friendly companies

As a climate-conscious workplace, you will be able to connect to Kildedal’s ambitious standards within sustainability and climate. Among other things, you can be included in the city’s circular systems and, for example, redistribute excess heat, or you can think along with other concrete efforts to achieve a climate-neutral city.

At Kildedal, we work with an accurate selection of relevant targets from the UN’s 17 SDGs. Smart technologies help meet the ambition not to emit more CO2 than is absorbed. We invite to a wide collaborative effort and we welcome new ideas in the ambitions to develop a more sustainable city.

A sound and healthy working life

Health and well-being can become an entrenched part of working life in Kildedal and it starts with the city’s location with direct access to extensive nature. Urban spaces are also designed based on attention to both mental and physical health and are designed to be places that allow for both physical exercise and contemplation.

In Kildedal, it is possible to incorporate this focus into the buildings – and into the culture of the workplace. Spaces dedicated to both the dynamic and the quiet and the opportunity to meet one another can help to add a high degree of occupational satisfaction and well-being in Kildedal.

Companies can also use the proximity to nature to create healthy and attractive workplaces where employees can “downshift” or, for example, jump on a bike or go jogging in the surrounding countryside during lunch break.